Free, lightweight, portable utility for locking your keyboard and mouse

LiteLockr is easy to use and allows you to restrict input devices, so that your child can only use the programs you want them to.

Latest version: 0.92



You can lock all applications on your desktop

Current Application

You can continue to work with the application you are using and lock the others

Application List

You can set up a list of unlocked applications


You can select which input devices to lock


Lock the taskbar, but continue using the icons of unlocked applications


Does not require installation or additional libraries


This software was designed primarily for parents and children, and its main purpose is to block all input devices for all software, except the program the child is using.

Why block input devices?

Imagine you are using your laptop and your four-year-old wants to watch a cartoon on YouTube. You know you can trust them with the laptop, but you worry that they might delete or ruin something. LiteLockr allows you to set restrictions on the use of the keyboard and mouse.

To use LiteLockr:

  • Open your browser
  • Make sure the browser window is active
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+B

It’s that simple. The keyboard and mouse will now only work in the browser and will be locked in all other software. The selected program retains its full functionality – you can minimize and maximize your browser, open and close tabs, go to full screen, and so on.

When you no longer need the lock active, just press Ctrl+Alt+B again and the restrictions will be lifted.

Want to find out more? Watch our short instruction video below.

  • This video uses two programs as an example – Paint and Calculator
  • Once the lock is activated, only Paint remains accessible
  • Instead of the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+B, a 5-second delay is used

Other functions of LiteLockr:

  • To instantly lock the keyboard and mouse for all programs, hold Ctrl and click the lock button. This could be useful when watching a film or having a video call.
  • You may wish to set up a number of programs to always be accessible when the lock is activated.
    To do this:
    • Pin these programs to the taskbar
    • Exempt them from locking by listing the executable files (.exe) in the UnlockApp option
    Once the lock is activated, all programs and the taskbar will be locked, except the selected programs and their icons on the taskbar.

In the program settings, you can also:

  • Change the keyboard shortcut to one that’s convenient for you, such as Ctrl+Shift+
  • Lock only the keyboard or only the mouse
  • Set the program up to autorun

A full description of the program and its settings is available here.